"Let it snow !"   I just finished this painting to enter in the art show at the Smithville Mansion in December.  It will be both online and in person when the Mansion opens its doors for viewing its Christmas decorations.  It makes a nice seasonal event together with the beautiful art available to see or purchase.  I'll let you all know the dates when available.  And thank you all for the kind comments on Facebook!

LET IT SNOW ! __________oil on panel _________16" x 20"________$300


TIA  and  KOLTEN       Our two youngest grandchildren.

They were perched on Farfar's lawn tractor, and considering going for a spin!  Tia is such a good big sister, always watching out for her mischief little brother!  This is an oil painting, 11" x 14", but not for sale, of course!

A balmy day in the ocean front yard of my husband's sister and brother-in-law.  Wish we were there now !

Lawn Chairs at the Ocean _______________oil on artist panel __ 12" x 16:_______$200

Just for fun, I call this one              PELICAN  SIESTA            $200    

PELICAN SIESTA ________ $200______________11" x 14" ______oil on canvasboard

THIRD  PAINTING  OF  THE STAY-AT-HOME  PERIOD !!     This is on the west coast of Washington State.

DRIFTWOOD ON THE SHORE_________$350________Oil 16" x 20"

SOMETHING DIFFERENT to keep Nana busy !! I painted these hats for my youngest grandchildren, Kolten (1) and Tia (5).

THIS IS THE SECOND PAINTING DONE during our "stay-at-home" period of the virus. 

I'm dedicating this one to a very dear person, Flo Miller.  It will hang in the home of my son-in-law, Kris and daughter, Charlene Miller.

PEACEFUL OVERLOOK ______ 12" x16" oil


AUTUMN  REFLECTIONS          12" x 16"           $300

My first painting done during the stay-at-home days of the corona virus.  I may start the next one tomorrow --  thank goodness for my art.  I'd love to hear some comments on it.  Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

AUTUMN REFLECTIONS _______________$300_____Oil _______12" x 16"

I call this  one   THE COAST OF WIDBY ISLAND        Washington State      $300

THE COAST OF WIDBY ISLAND, Washington State _________$300 ________16" x 20" oil

Another newer painting, from our summer trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

Grand Tetons in Summer______________$200_____________11" x 14" oil


Here's another recent one:  The Secret Garden.

My friend, Francine, asked me to do this painting on consignment from her summer vacation at Mackinack Island in Michigan.  I loved the concept, and it was a pleasure to create this for her and her husband.



The Secret Garden, Mackinack Island, Michigan

Francine and I at her home




PRICES RANGE FROM  $200  to  $350, and I'll make arrangements to get you your painting.