DEER WATCHING:   I donated this fellow to Elin Jeantet at the American Swedish Museum for their annual fund-raiser auction this year, and it now is enjoying its new home in the Poconos with the highest bidder.

My husband and I had a Christmas project together this year:  puppets and a stage for granddaughter Tia.  He did the PVC pipe construction, and I sewed the curtains.  We're hoping for some great productions from our Tia.

I had my first solo art show, all of December, 2018 at the beautiful gallery at the Warden's House, High  St., Mt. Holly, showing 32 of my paintings.  What a thrill!  So many old friends, past clients, and of course family came, and I  sold several of the paintings as well as the plexiglass Christmas decorations.  



WHAT A SUPPORTIVE FAMILY !! At the Warden's House Art Gallery for my show.