Here are my  AVAILABLE  PAINTINGS.  I'd love to hear comments or have you name your favorites.  If you'd like to purchase one, just email me at

and I'll make arrangements to match you up with your favorite painting!

"LET IT SNOW "____ 16" x 20" ________ $275


This is a painting I did plein air of a beautiful little chapel in Medford (11" x 14") and a wedding was taking place there that day.  I've had several people comment to me that it was where they or their daughter were married.  _____ $175

THE COAST OF WHIDBY ISLAND________16" x 20" _________ $300

THE FISH MARKET _______________$300_______Oil on Canvas ______16" x 20"________This scene is in Victoria, BC, Canada, where we had lunch with some old friends from college.

Ah, so I  AM  a swan! 

Remember Hans Christian Anderson's story "THE UGLY DUCKLING'?  12" x 16"     $200

DEER IN THE GARDEN _______12" x 16"______________$200

Makes you think of spring, doesn't it?

Mountain in Montana 16" x 20" _______ $300

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK 16" x 20" oil ______$300 _____ I love mountains !

Just for fun, I call this one _____ PELICAN SIESTA _________________ 12" x 16" $200

Apparently, when the owner comes to take his boat out, the pelicans just grumble and move over, then go along for the ride.

DRIFTWOOD ON THE SHORE _____________16" x 20" __________$300

AUTUMN REFLECTIONS _________12" x 16" ______$200

SPRINGTIME __________ 12" x 16" _______ $200


SCARECROW _______________ $200 ______________Look closely -- he's a shovel! This is on an artist panel with a depth of 2" for a 3D effect (see the next photo) and measuring 8" x 16". He does not require a frame.

Here's the Scarecrow, showing how the features wrap around the side for a 3D effect.

SEAGULLS _________________ $200 ____________________11" x 14" oil on canvas

FIELD OF WILDFLOWERS AND BOAT _______________$200 ___________ This painting, 11 " x 14" oil on canvas, pairs nicely with the next one ("Farm in B.C"), but is also a nice stand-alone painting.

FARM IN B.C. _______________$200_____________ This measures 11" x 14", oil on canvas

FISHIN" AT THE LAKE _____________$200 __________ from our trip to Cape Cod. Oil on canvas 11" x 14"

LIGHTHOUSE IN CAPE COD _____________$200 ______ Oil on canvas, 11" x 14"

A WALK BEFORE THE STORM __________$200 _______ 11" x 14" A storm coming in over Cape Cod.

MOTHER AND CHILD ______________ $200 __________ Oil on canvas 16" x 20", A scene on the beach in Cape Cod.

HOUSE ON WOOD STREET, BURLINGTON, NJ _________ $200 ____oil on canvas, 11" X 14"

STREET MARKET IN AUSTRIA ________ $200 _________ oil on canvas, 11" x 14" This is from my friend Elaine's trip.

SAILBOATS AT REST _________$200 ________oil on canvas 11" x 14"

CREEK AT SHANTY DAM, MEDFORD, NJ _________$200 _______ oil on canvas, 11" x 14"